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Biweekly Mortgage Calculator

About Us

Tower Administrative Services, Inc. (TAS) administers payment of insurance premiums and provides customer service for bi-weekly mortgage acceleration programs. 

What Is A Client?

A client is the most important person in our business!

You are not dependant on us . . . we are dependant on you!

You are not an interruption of our work . . . you are the purpose of it!

Bring us your needs . . . it is our privilege to handle them.

Biweekly Mortgage Calculator

Customer Testimonials

Bi-Weekly Mortgage Acceleration Program

"I am hereby writing this letter to inform you that the unpaid balance of my property mortgage will be paid off on March 1st. Thank you for your help, your Mortgage Reduction Plan helped me pay off my mortgage in fewer years than expected, in addition to saving money in interest."

"Thank you for your services over the past nine years. Your Mortgage Reduction Plan contributed to a successful payoff on my loan." 
-L. P.

"I would like to extend my sincere appreciation for the excellent services provided over the past eight years. In a day of semi-apathy your institute always provided prompt and excellent service."
-M. E. S.

Premium Administration:

"I love your program, and will recommend it to everyone. Tower has been wonderful."
- J.D.

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your service to me over the past years and commend you on your efficiency. My experience with Tower Administrative Services has been very pleasant. I will recommend you to anyone. Again, thank you."
- V. S.

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